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Hello! We are Wolff Child Psychology!

The purpose of this blog post is to introduce you to our practice and to the intention behind starting this blog. So, let’s dive in!

Wolff Child Psychology was founded by Brian Wolff, Ph.D., in 2011 and has grown over the years to 13 providers, including psychologists, psychology trainees, and academic and behavioral coaches. Serving children, teens, and young adults, our services include psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations, individual, family, and group therapy, behavioral support, executive functioning coaching, and writing tutoring. Check out our website to learn more about each of our providers and their areas of expertise!

Wolff Child Psychology was founded on the tenet of providing evidence-based, individualized services that support kids, teens, and families through a better understanding of themselves, their strengths, and their challenges. Through this understanding, they learn new ways of making life more joyful and easeful. Evaluation, therapy, behavioral support, and tutoring are all different tools to do this.
We are passionate about what we do and the difference it can create in people’s lives. At the same time, we recognize the shortcomings of the traditional medical model (e.g., not enough time to get questions answered or process information, difficulties with scheduling and a lack of openings) and the difficulties of accessing quality mental health care. As a result, it is our hope that with this blog we can provide access to quality, evidence-informed mental health information for those who might benefit from it. We believe that all parents should have the opportunity and the tools to be active and informed participants in their children’s mental health, and we want to support that in any way possible.

This is not meant to be a replacement for therapy, testing, behavioral support, tutoring, or clinical diagnoses made by qualified professionals, and there are always other valid opinions and perspectives than the ones being conveyed in the blog. This is also not meant to be a replacement for medical or mental health advice from a qualified professional. And while I am a psychologist, I am not your psychologist or therapist or your child’s psychologist or therapist.

While our hope is to be able to provide you with concrete, actionable information, some things about parenting and mental health we all just have to struggle through, and that struggle is necessary. If you find yourself getting lost in the challenges and demands of parenting, reach out to friends, family, mentors, healers, professionals, or anyone that you find supportive and who understands you. Drop us a line if you think that might be us! 


​Dr. Danielle Mohr is a licensed psychologist at Wolff Child Psychology. She specializes in comprehensive evaluations for children, teens, and young adults, and she conducts regular individual and family sessions.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves
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