Is your child or teen struggling with learning, attentional, social-emotional, behavioral, or executive functioning challenges at home or school?
Whether you need a psychologist to identify and diagnose what is contributing to these challenges or are seeking professional support for your child and family, the team at Wolff Child Psychology is here for you.
Through our evidence-based services, we empower children, teens, and families with evaluations, psychotherapy, executive functioning coaching, and consultation.
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Together with our experts, your family can

  • Understand the individual treatment and educational needs of your child.
  • Discover how to best address your child’s needs.
  • Optimize your child’s strengths with comprehensive treatment and educational planning.
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Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluations offer a detailed analysis of your child’s cognitive, academic, attention, executive, social-emotional, and behavioral functioning. These are invaluable tools for guiding diagnostic decisions, understanding your child’s unique strengths and challenges, and developing optimal educational and treatment support plans. Whether your child is experiencing significant problems at home or school, or you simply seek a better understanding of their development, our team of psychologists is here to help. When appropriate, we collaborate closely with you and your child’s school to ensure that the evaluation results are used effectively to support your child’s needs.


Wolff Child Psychology supports children and families facing a variety of challenges. Our therapy services are rooted in evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral principles, aimed at helping children and teens cope with stress, manage complex developmental issues, and improve social, emotional, and behavioral functioning. Our experienced psychotherapists work closely with you, teaching coping skills and providing support both in therapy sessions and at home. We understand the importance of family in a child’s development. Together we build the confidence and skills necessary to address challenges effectively. 

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Executive Functioning Coaching

Our coaches collaborate closely with parents, children, and teenagers to set personalized goals and provide concrete support whether at home, school, or virtually.

Academic Executive Functioning Coaching focuses on helping students in 5th-12th grade and early college years develop essential skills like planning, organization, and perseverance.

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Executive Functioning Coaching focuses on supporting the social-emotional/behavioral functioning of children from birth through the teenage years.


For many children, professional services are needed beyond psychological assessment and therapy. Wolff Child Psychology provides consultation services to advocate for a child’s specific academic, cognitive, social-emotional, and behavioral needs at school, in the community, and among care providers.

Wolff Child Psychology Specializations

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