All About Emotion Regulation

What is emotion regulation and where do I find it? Alright, I’m guilty! I use the phrase “emotion regulation” in a lot of different scenarios and I rarely actually explain myself. Being able to regulate and manage emotions is a primary goal that I work on in therapy, but I am not so explicit in[…]

Monitoring Our Mental Health as Parents

​Saying it’s hard to be a parent doesn’t even begin to capture it. Additional roles including working parent, caring for multiples, or caring for other family members means that a lot of us are trying to fulfill very big things with finite resources, making our mental health extremely important. How you are feeling, what you[…]


People have LOTS of opinions on self-care, so let’s start by getting on the same page about what self-care is. Self-care is the basics – getting rest, eating nourishing food, and moving our bodies. At its core, self-care is just the basics. Although if I could add a higher-level function to this list, it would[…]

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